What is the fide test?

It is a test that allows you to assess your level of French. The fide test was developed for the Secrétariat d’État aux migrations (SEM) in Switzerland.
It is mainly required for residence permit renewals and applications for naturalisation.
For more information: fide-service.ch

How to prepare for the fide test?

The French courses at ASC Languages cover all that you need to know to pass your fide test.

How do I register for the fide test?

You can contact ASC Languages directly to arrange a personal discussion. When you register, you can choose to take only the spoken or written part of the fide test or both.

Our next sessions

May from 03.05.2022 to 06.05.2022
June from 21.06.2022 to 24.06.2022
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November from 22.11.2022 to 25.11.2022


Spoken part CHF 170.-
Written part CHF 120.-
Spoken + written part CHF 250.-
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