Restoration service

What kind of public?

Anyone who needs to interact in English in the room service professions: waiter, room clerk, maître d', head waiter, sommelier, bartender, waiter, room service, etc.


Intensive course over 3 weeks


Comprehension / expression

To master and practise the vocabulary, structures and common formulas specific to reception and room service:

  • greeting customers, allocating a table to them and asking about their wishes (courtesy formulas, dress code, etc.).
  • presenting the menu, advising and suggesting dishes, informing the customer about the different dishes on offer, their composition, their cooking methods, promoting the house specialities
  • present the wine list and, if necessary, recommend a wine adapted to the dish ordered
  • take the order and pass it on to the kitchen staff
  • learn the vocabulary of glasses, plates and cutlery according to the menu (water glass, white wine glass, fish set, soup, etc.).
  • present the food and drinks
  • be attentive and responsive to customer requests, to their comfort, to ensure their well-being, to inform them 
  • managing delicate situations
  • prepare the bill, present it and cash it; take leave of the client
  • Interact with management and the team

For job search

  • talking about oneself
  • making a good impression
  • highlighting your strengths
  • writing your C.V.
  • writing your cover letter
  • mastering interview techniques
  • describing a job
  • using polite phrases


3 weeks

Course days





4 to 10 participants

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  • to acquire a basic level of English (mainly oral) for professional use of the language specifically for service in the hotel and catering sectors.

Levels A0 to A1

Award obtained

  • Certificate mentioning language skills specific to the trade.


CHF 1047.-

Special rate
CHF 897/week (under 25, senior citizens, students, registered unemployed AC)

Registration fee and materials
CHF 100.-

Evaluation test (+ interview / needs analysis) free of charge and without obligation

Information for CAF application
course no. 860 / school no. 29
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